Sunday, October 15, 2017

My Key Takeaways from GHC17

Grace Hopper Celebration this year was celebrated in Orlando, FL where it was held 10 years ago. Super honored and thrilled to represent the LinkedIn Engineering team to be part of it. Here are some key takeaways for me from #GHC17.

Amazing Keynote Speakers

On the first day keynote, Dr. Fei-Fei Li talked about her experience as an immigrant and her current work in artificial intelligence. We all know that AI is truly making more and more difference today, and she came up with a question "AI will change the world. Who will change AI?". "The A.I. of the future shouldn’t just benefit us all,” she said. “It should reflect us all as well."
I also heard her talk on Google I/O 2017 on AI. It was really impressed to see her live on stage!
Another impressive talk was from Debbie Sterling, who started GoldieBlox, the award-winning children’s multimedia company. Based on the early experience where most toys for girls were always pink, Debbie decided to create an engineering-based toy aimed at young girls. Despite the fact that few investors believed in her at the time and she got rejected by Y Combinator, she did not give up and made GoldieBlox "disrupt the pink aisle in toy stores". Truly inspired by her faith and the influence she has for young girls. Women can absolutely become outstanding engineers!

EXPO - Stimulating Career Fair

During Grace Hopper Celebration this year, we had a stimulating career fair for students to discover and apply for job opportunities across industry and academia. With many valuable resources, it could be the start of a great career. It is a good opportunity for women in tech to learn more about new field, network with new people, and discover how to further career. It is said that this career fair earns a 97% satisfaction rate.
As LinkedIn employees, we participated on the booth as Career Guides for attendees, interacting with them, discussing what it’s like to work at LinkedIn, and reviewing their resume. For me as a career guide, I am more than happy to see how women in tech around the world are passionate about technology. Spending time on the career fair booth was also a valuable memory for me to know how attendees are curious about life at LinkedIn and I am super glad to share my experience with them and provide with advice.

Keep Connected

We had 184 employees in attendance at GHC’17, including 12 speakers. On first day of GHC we had Employee Dinner at Tu Tu Tango. We had great time there to get connected with so many smart and inspiring women in tech at LinkedIn. With amazing food, roses and dance, we made new friends and shared our experience at the conference.
Thank you GHC, for such an unforgettable experience! Thank you LinkedIn Women In Tech, for such an amazing opportunity! Sincerely hope more and more women will join us to celebrate #GHC in the future!
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